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Check Out Budget Mobile Lifeline’s Awesome New Plan for Californians

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California residents rejoice! Earlier this year we posted a news topic about Lifeline Assistance in California. Despite being a state that was once known for the quality of its benefits, California lagged a bit behind when it came to free government cell phones. Many parts of the state still do not have coverage, but there are now more carriers of Lifeline Assistance serving California than ever before. The state decided to offer incentives to companies to offer more competitive Lifeline packages to Californians. Now Budget Mobile Lifeline has announced its incredible new plan for California residents.

Budget Wireless’ California Plan

With a Budget Mobile California Connect LifeLine Plan, you can get 1000 voice minutes and unlimited text messages absolutely free. Yes, free. No, you do not need to be a member of a Native American tribe to qualify for this awesome plan. No, this is not a one-off promotion for new customers. This is an ongoing plan available to all California residents who qualify for Lifeline Assistance and live in the Budget Mobile service areas.

How awesome is this plan compared to other Lifeline plans? Consider the typical Lifeline Assistance free government phone plan you can get in most states—just 250 free voice minutes and 250 text messages. This is the plan which Budget Mobile offers to residents outside of California. Anywhere outside of the state, 1000 minutes plus unlimited text messages costs $20.

Budget Mobile Top-Up Plans

What if you want more than 1000 voice minutes and you’re living in California? Budget is offering you amazing top-up plans. If you want unlimited voice minutes each month and unlimited text messages, you can pay $17.60 per month. That is less than you would pay for 1000 voice minutes outside of California! For $27.60 per month, you can upgrade to unlimited voice calling plus unlimited text messages plus 3000 MB of data.

Why is Budget Mobile able to offer so much more in California? In most states, Lifeline Assistance free and discounted cell phone plans are paid for out of the Universal Service Fund, which provides $9.25 in reimbursements to carriers. As a result, they can only offer so many free minutes before they end up losing money themselves. The USF provides more reimbursements for tribal members, which is why there are usually better plans available for Native Americans on tribal grounds.

In California, there is more money available to carriers to provide better service, because the state is adding funds to the reimbursements. The amount of money they provide along with the $9.25 from the USF for non-tribal residents of California is comparable to the amount the USF offers for tribal members outside the state. That is why the plans in California are going to be so much better. For tribal members, even more amazing plans will be available.

It will take some time for other carriers to start cropping up in the state and offering these great plans. In the meantime, Budget Mobile’s California plans are available. So if you are currently receiving service through another provider and still putting up with just 250 minutes per month, look into switching to Budget. If you do not currently receive Lifeline, download the application from the Budget Mobile website and see whether you might qualify. Good luck, and enjoy using 1000 free voice minutes per month without paying a dime!

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5 Responses to Check Out Budget Mobile Lifeline’s Awesome New Plan for Californians

  1. Matt December 2, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    Hello everyone. My name is Matt and I represent Budget Mobile. Our California offering has actually updated as we now offer unlimited talk and text for California LifeLine customers. Sign up on our website and learn more below!


    Budget PrePay, Inc., d/b/a Budget Mobile, has announced free unlimited talk and free unlimited text every month for California LifeLine customers. No strings attached. No complicated forms to fill out. Just the free unlimited talk and free unlimited text our customers need to stay connected to their employers, family, and friends.

    We’ve had a tremendous response from our customers in California since we first started offering service this spring. With this new offering, we are anticipating an even bigger response from our current customers, and those that we’ll be welcoming into the Budget Mobile family. Those wishing to sign up should simply visit http://www.budgetmobile.com/california. Current customers will be upgraded automatically.

  2. Rani Pappe August 7, 2015 at 2:16 am #

    If I sign up now I need to verify that i will receive as promised on this website the 1000 minutes; this is what we were receiving before. The statements made herein are binding as is the contract that I am about to sign. If the promised minutes are not received for any reason I all reserve my right to report the false advertising, and to other government regulation & oversight /4 utility offices. Please understand that this is not a threat just a single mom making sure that she gets exec†¬y what is being promised: 1000 minutes from Budget lifeline government phone co. I have a legal i have a legal issue with Verizon lifeline who did not follow through on prices for lifeline landline.. xxxxxxx or xxxxxx thank you for help with this important matter…

    • TERI CLARK May 21, 2016 at 12:04 pm #


  3. Cindy Spence September 27, 2016 at 5:39 pm #

    this company is horrible never received the phone, when we were told to call after 14 days were informed budget went out of business and transferred our service to Entouch which will not send us a phone wants us to pay $25 or wait another 90 days for a free phone LOL.. OMG.. horrible.. than when I ask what kind of phone for $25 they hung up on me and now I cant get thru their system keeps failing (automated) so my homebound Senior Dad who is a Veteran is pretty much screwed.

  4. Jerry Baker November 16, 2016 at 5:12 pm #

    Horrible company…my phone was stolen. Called the company several times only to be told by several different people to either buy a new Trac phone, Verizon, net 10 or their phone. I have done it all but all the different phones been told it would be on in 2 days. Only to find out that was miscommunicated information. I am on a fixed income I cannot afford this that’s why I have the service. Now that somebody stole my phone I’m sitting here with no phone no money and don’t know what to do. Because budget keeps giving me false information on how to get my phone back on. Does anybody have any ideas thank you

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