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Assurance Wireless Improves Plans in Arizona and West Virginia

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Recently we reported on the exciting new FREEdom Plan that Assurance Wireless is offering in the state of California for unlimited free voice minutes and texts. That isn’t the only state where Assurance is revitalizing its plans; the company is also making improvements to its popular Lifeline plans in Arizona and West Virginia. Now customers in those states will be able to enjoy additional voice minutes and texts as well.

Assurance Wireless got started in the state of Arizona last year. Their original plan provided a free cell phone to customers with 250 free voice minutes per month. Customers who sign up through the 31st of December this year have the opportunity to enjoy 250 free additional voice minutes per month for the first four months as an enrollment promotion. After the fourth month, this will drop back down to 250 free monthly minutes.

Customers will however start receiving unlimited text messages through Free Talk & Unlimited Text, and this will not expire with the voice minute promotion. At the end of the first four months, customers can continue to send and receive unlimited text messages. Assurance customers in Arizona who are already subscribed will be moved over to the unlimited talk plan automatically on a rolling basis, and will be able to enjoy these new benefits as well.

Assurance has been operating in West Virginia for much longer—their presence in the state dates back to 2010. The West Virginia plan, like the Arizona plan, traditionally included 250 free voice minutes and texts, and is now also being upgraded to Free Talk & Unlimited Text status.

As in Arizona, new sign-ups have the chance to receive 500 free voice minutes per month for the first four months, after which voice minutes will drop back down to 250. The plan now comes with unlimited texting, and old customers will be migrated to the new unlimited text plan on an ongoing basis.

Assurance Wireless provides service to Americans in need in more than 40 states. In West Virginia, there are more than 51,000 jobless residents. In all, more than 26.5% of West Virginia residents are living below the federal poverty line. In Arizona, the percentage below the poverty line is 26%, but the jobless number is much higher—206,000.

Do you live in a state served by Assurance Wireless? Assurance has plans for residents in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. You can also get Assurance in the District of Columbia.

With Assurance expanding their coverage and boosting their plans throughout the country, you may be able to get an amazing plan in your state. So if you haven’t yet applied for a Lifeline Assistance phone, check out Assurance’s website and the eligibility guidelines to see if you might qualify.

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